Joining the Grangewood Club

There are a number of ways you can become a member of the Grangewood Club.

1. Owning a property on the Grangewood estate.

Ownership of a property on the Grangewood estate automatically qualifies you and your household for membership.

A gold card is issued to one member of the household (this makes you eligible to vote at the plot owner’s AGM and the Residents Club Committee AGM, both normally held in April of each year)

Silver cards are issued to all other adult members over 18. Children over the age of 14 years are also members in their own right and are issued with red cards.

2. Renting a property on the Grangewood Estate

Provided the property owner agrees, the tenant(s) living in a rented house on the Grangewood estate and who are listed on the rental agreement can be issued with a blue card to become Resident Members. Resident Membership is valid for the duration of the tenancy. 

If you are a tenant on the estate and have not yet been issued with your card, please contact the Steward

3. Becoming an Annual Associate

On the recommendation of two Gold Card holders, any individual can apply to become an Annual Associate. Former Grangewood tenants and plot owners may apply to become Annual Associates.

4. Becoming an Honorary Member

Public officials and other office holders in the local community with a defined responsibility for an area of which the Grangewood estate forms part can be gifted an honorary membership for the duration of their tenure of office.